Friday, May 13, 2011

A little of our month so far

Sorry for being MIA this month, Stella and I spent the past week visiting family and friends in Seattle. Heres a little of what went on there

Stella fell asleep while daddy was holding her like this...

So daddy decided to try to eat her... she's too big though :)

Auntie and grandma hangin' out with the little

Nap time with Auntie

Wide awake with Auntie

Meeting her great-grandma for the first time

Stella was one snuggly, happy baby with great grandma Grisham

A little bit of smiles...

Because she was getting some face time with grandma

My yummy birthday cake, I turned 28 on May 5th!

More cuddles with Auntie

Nappin' on the couch

Snugglin' with Grandpa

Brent, Pammy and Dane made us a wonderful Mothers day breakfast

Stella met my cousin Stacey and adored him 

More snuggles with grandma

One very happy baby

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