Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Elk Down!

This was the email, text, and first exclamation that I heard from Brent last weekend. He is super excited about getting his first Elk, so I thought I would post the pics and and have Brent explain the events that took place.

From Brent: I got the shot off about 8:00 am Friday morning after walking out a ridge for less than 30 minutes, we stopped at the edge of a meadow to take some jackets off and the next time we looked down the meadow my spike had stepped out from behind a small fir tree at about 100 yards. We threw a couple cow calls in his direction and he responded by trotting, not walking, right to us. He fell victim to a G5 montec at 54 yards. After waiting an hour we trailed him 200 yards or so to his final resting place. We found him and were done with pictures at about 9:30 and him quartered and all back to the truck before 1:00.

Warning: dont look at these pictures if you get queasy or upset at dead animals. Thanks!

(Below) Brent with his Spike (it has one spike on one side, and 2 points on the other)

(Below) Brent carrying his Elk's head up the hill on his back

(Below) Exhausted after the big hike, but still has to go back for the rest of the Elk

(Below) Brent and his Friend Jason packing out a couple of legs

We also want to wish My Mom a very Happy Birthday!!
We love you Mom!!

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